House in Priniás Code 7061

  • 20.000
  • Πρηνιάς
  • 50 m2
  • 1950
Approx. 4 km from Agia Varvara, Heraklion. East of Mount Psiloritis.
Traditional village house.

• Price : 20,000 EUR
• Location : Πρηνιάς - Priniás, Heraklion Province, Crete, GR
• Living space : 50 m2 + cellar 50 m2
• Year of construction : 1950

Traditional house near the main square and the church of the settlement.
€ 20,000, Priniás - Crete, 50 m2 ground floor with ceiling height of 3,20 m and 50 m2 basement with ceiling height of 2,20 m.

The house was built in 1950. The walls are made of stone and the house was recently renovated with a 15 cm thick concrete ceiling slab and tiled roof on top.

Priniás is located 4 km from Agia Varvara in Heraklion Prefecture.
The settlement is located in a mountainous country with a height of approx. 600 m above sea level. It is located on the eastern edge of Psiloritis mountain.


Peter Faltenbacher

Peter Faltenbacher

Bayreuth, Germany

Bayreuth, Germany